What is the day today – October 3

October 3, Wednesday. – According to the National calendar, today is national boyfriend day. Girlfriend, remember to wish boyfriend and give them a big hug. Beside boyfriend day, it also the day of German Unity, National day of Germany, celebrated as a public holiday.

What is the day today – Quote

” There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born, and the day we discover why “


What is the day today – Learning ” A workplace is like a war battlefield – toxic workplace culture.”

The workplace and the work we do there is often a source of stress in our lives. Layer on the toxic actions of a bully, sexual harassment, an unwelcoming work environment, and work then becomes a negative influence on employees’ well-being. Ubiquitous research finding from Gallup reveals that nearly 68 percent of workers have a negative experience of work as measured by employee engagement levels. What is the day today, we learn, identify and resolve. Everybody “plays” a role in the success or demise of a company.

What is the day today – Sharing four signs in the company are toxic

– Love gossip

Gossip is the most toxic as a part of a company’s culture. Employees who create a culture of gossip they cause other people to respect their co-workers a little less and gradual decline of trust and morale. Moreover, they produce work productivity goes down because people are emotionally caught up in the drama like teenage kids.

Anything that diminishes the dignity or respect of any employee should never be an occurrence.
Their many ways to get rid of them. First, set an example to be a role model, and ignore the gossiper. Let the manager know immediately if the gossip is growing and gaining followers or enact zero-tolerance policies on workplace gossip. For example, a manager discloses confidential information that leads to workplace gossip about an employee, that manager faces the risk of disciplinary action or even termination.

– They are quick to grab the glory.

A good employee and good team player shares the glory. He credits others. He praises. He appreciates. He lets others shine. That is especially true for an employee in a leadership position–he celebrates the accomplishments of others secure in the knowledge that their success reflects well on him, too.
Saying, “I did all the work,” or “It was all my idea,” is like saying, “The world revolves around me, and I need everyone to know it.” So even if other people do not adopt the same philosophy, they resent having to fight for recognition that is rightfully theirs.

– Always someone else’s fault.

Sometimes, whatever the issue and regardless of who is actually at fault, but some people step in and take the hit. They willingly accept the criticism or abuse, because they know they can handle.

However, Few acts are more selfless than taking the undeserved hit. So few acts better cement a relationship. Few actions are more selfish than saying, “It was not me,” but it was.

– Peer pressure to hold other people back.

Employees do not want to do more; they want others to do less. They do not want to win. They want others to make sure they do not lose.

Saying, “You are working too hard,” is like saying, “No one should work hard, because I do not want to work hard.” So pretty soon very few people do–and the ones who keep trying to get shunned for a quality need every employee to possess.

What is the day today,  we choose if the workplace battlefield wins over doing fantastic work alongside talented professionals. Every action or inaction linked to behavior that diminishes the full capabilities of any person is cause for a response from colleagues.

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